Sellers of organic superfoods wholesale (Bulk) and fractionated (Retail)

We offer super quality food and co-packing.

ZORS guarantees superior quality and guarantees consistency and excellence in our products and services, applying the experience acquired and nurtured throughout the years of cultivation and harvesting of chia and quinoa seeds, using the latest modern technologies in pre-cleaning, cleaning, selection, sterilization and packaging stages of these Super Breath and others.

We store Premium Organic Black Chia Seeds, Royal Organic Quinoa and other Superfoods in bulk, and we can also package them in custom bags, own brand and retail, according to the specifications of the buyers.

Each product we offer is made in the company. We have products in existence in the USA. UU and we can deliver them according to the customer’s order. We do not buy products outside the country and we resell them. This is what makes our cost more competitive and allows us to have control of the entire process, from the moment our seeds and grains are planted in the fields to the final product for retail and wholesale markets.


Our seeds

What makes our seeds and grains the best in quality in the market?

We have the process for our Seeds and Grains to go through a strict series of Systems and Protocols of Management and Protocols of Agriculture and “Food Safety” to reach the highest levels of Purity and Sterilization of Organic Products through our ozonization treatment (see more…).