Agribussiness Management

Agribussiness Management


Zors strives to improve infrastructure and strengthen support services, strengthen food value chains and increase market access for small and medium-sized farmers.

Zors Llc is compatible with the infrastructure that improves the delivery of products while minimizing losses, such as storage facilities and facilities for the processing of agricultural products. Adequate infrastructure can reduce transaction costs for farmers, help subsistence farmers scale up to commercial agriculture, improve processing of agricultural products and reduce post-harvest losses.

Owners can improve their livelihoods by reaching consumers beyond their local markets. Through producer organizations, Zors Llc helps farmers expand their operations and reduce costs by providing access to ICT, business development services and other opportunities to increase their income.



Zors Llc’s more than 4 years of experience with productive alliances in Latin America shows that it is possible to increase productivity, market integration and the income of small farmers by forging stronger links between producers and buyers and the public sector.

The service has the following advantages

  • 20 Rack storage spaces for pallets with a maximum of 1Tnm per pallet and with a maximum dimension of … x …
  • Reception and dispatch of transport and merchandise documentation.
  • Administration and archiving of transport and merchandise documents.
  • An account executive responsible for customer accounts, document management, hotel reservations, local transportation and flights for his company’s staff (office hours).
  • Physical space, desktop with Mac computer, internet, meeting room on demand or requirement.
  • Reception of correspondence.
  • Possibility of using our sales and distribution channels
  • Possibility of having “at home” packaging services of high quality and speed.
  • Possibility of sterilization of grains through ozonation.
  • Possibility of local distribution within the county of Miami.